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          2.    Huayue Spring Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.  


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            Disc Springs


            ● Stainless steel:


            ● Spring steel:

            SAE6150 , SAE9260     

            Super alloy

            Inconel 718, Inconel X-750

                Other material on your request.



            Disc springs are conical in shape, it has been invented for more than one hundred years and got a wildly application during the last few decades because of many advantages, such as:


             ● High load capacity with small deflection

             ● Long fatigue life

             ● Space savings

             ● Largely Self-damping, giving good shock absorption and energy dissipation

             ● Singly or in stacks to meet various requirements

             ● Various characteristics due to different thickness and height

             ● Low Maintenance cost & Greater Security

            So, we can find disc spring in many industries: auto, heavy  machinery, elevator, valve, wind turbine, off highway, chemical plant, steel plant, electric switch ......

            Typical applications

             ● Automotive & Engines

             ● Clutches, brakes

             ● Valves, pumps

             ● Machine Tools

             ● Screwed or bolted sections.

             ● Bearing preload.

             ● Hoists, cranes

             ● Electrical switch gear


            Our disc springs have the advantage of good quality, better price and service in the market, especially in the stainless steel and super alloy disc springs rang. In addition to the standard materials and sizes mentioned bellow, we are looking forward to manufacture disc spring as per your drawing or develop special disc springs to meet your requirements of the application. So if you have the application of disc springs, why not send a inquiry to find some opportunities to improve your product's market advantage? Our engineers are available to assist with spring design. 


            Copyright: Huayue Spring Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

            Phone:+86-21- 66021800           Fax:+86-21- 66021822

            Email:  info@huayuespring.cn  Coodir